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How do YOU initiate humor?

A General Overview of the Four Comedic Style Quiz

The specific words you chose to indicate the way you initiate humor will determine your comedic style.  You may have more than one style or be teetering on the brink of two or more. Actually, we have a bit of all four comedic styles. There is no right or wrong with any comedic style. There is a just preference in the way we initiate humor.  The key is to understand if these styles are helping or hurting, charming or harming our personal and professional.

These generalizations of each comedic style give us overall insight to our humor inclination. Depending on the circumstance and our situation, we all can exhibit all four comedic styles.  For example, let’s say a mother generally presents herself as a caring comedic style.  However, let someone begin bullying or messing with her offspring, she can and will go caustic on you. In fact, comedic style diagonally opposite each other (see the Comedic style graphic) the bigger the threat to personal and professional harmony  Misunderstanding and offense are more likely happening here because of differing values and appreciation of humor. An irritated “I’m ONLY KIDDING,” or Can’t you take a joke can usually be traced back to diagonally opposite comedic styles. Unlike marriage, in humor, jokes and comedy…opposite in comedic styles often repel rather than attract even AFTER the marriage.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to honor the styles that are outside of your comedic style by moving more toward the middle of all four comedic styles in both personal and professional situations…particularly now that you know and are beginning to understand not all humor is created equally. It’s your move toward the middle that will lead all to safer ground.  Moving to the middle does not mean you endorse or even like the opposite comedic style. It merely means you have more insight and emotional input as to if you will choose to be offended or just stay out of the way or limit your time the diagonally opposite humor offender.

The safest approach is to err to the caring comedic style where humor is typically pointed in less aggressive to other styles.

Thank you, for leaving any questions or comments, insights or input in the comment section. I’d be “tickled to life” to hear your thoughts and experiences.