Funny IS Money!

0. Decide to be funny! Quit whining “I’m not funny.” Just be you-real, exaggerated, funny.

1. Study comedians! You don’t have to be one…study body language and sentence structure.

2. Ask, “how is this funny?” Look for it. No matter what the circumstance, find something funny.

3. Pretend “how it could have been funny?” Make up what could have happened.

4. Blame someone, a place or thing. If it is in no-way funny…outrageously blame something.

5. Seek professional help…humor help and mental help-if you really get into number’s 3 & 4.

6. R.I.S.K. “Release that Inner-Silly Kid” who is dying to come out and play.

7. Take one significant R.I.S.K. weekly. It takes courage. Go for headline quality.

8. Embellish (fancy word for lie) three small daily R.I.S.K. then combine ’em for a new twist.

9. Acknowledge your fear, greet it, and embrace it. “I’ll feel stupid if I do that!” Do it anyway.

10. Identify your fear. Name it and claim it! “Feels just like humiliation to me.”

11. Address your fear. Sit with it until you can see the funny in it. Squint if it helps.

12. Play with your fear mentally. Animate it. Imagine it’s a golf ball and give it your best whack.

13. Avoid “ouches”-sarcasm-literal Greek meaning…”make wounds by tearing flesh.”

14. Misspeak yourself and mishear others-intentionally for some funny repartee.

15. Invite humor! Ask your family, friends, and co-workers for their “idiot moments.”

16. Find a humor buddy! “Hi, will you laugh at my stuff?” If they don’t-that’s a clue!

17. Remember spontaneity! Nothing is funnier than in the moment real life humor. Be there.

18. Use universal topics for material. The more common the experience the more laughter.

19. Give yourself time and give no humor before its time. Get better with practice and timing.

20. Allow yourself to be funny and AWESOME…you already are!


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Please use this information and pass it on! Thank you for referencing me and my ideas to others!

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