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Here’s a Life Libs feature…:

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The ROI of LOL…

Is there a real, tangible return on investment (ROI) of laughing out loud (LOL) with colleagues, clients and those for whom you care? June Cline’s Southern answer…“Are a pig’s assets pork?”

Twenty years ago, June stumbled on to the power of creating laughter in business. She believes that humor is the most overlooked and underutilized skill that Professional Leaders and Executives can develop to strengthen their careers, boost charisma and to increase cash flow.

June uses her proprietary humor grid to discover your humor style and the comedic culture of your team and your Company. She will keep you laughing and learning all the way to the bank, as she shows you how to lighten up to turn chaos and change into cash.

· Learn if your collective company culture is helping or hurting professional relationships and profits

· Leverage the laughter of your personal experiences

· Learn the charm and the harm of your comedic style

· Lighten up crazy and chaotic situations by going APE

June Cline is Southern, sassy and savvy. Growing up in Tuscaloosa, Al, June was the family clown and the humor instigator. She learned to understand the power and the value of creating laughter in personal & Business relationships. As a College Administrator, a Senior Business Development Officer and Vice President of American College Testing’s Southeast Regional Division, June turned her collection of classic Student Bloopers into a viable career. Her unique philosophy has been implemented in many major companies, such as Toyota, BellSouth, Siemens, and a slew of other names you’d recognize. June is passionate about proving there is a return on investment in laughing out loud. She has appeared in publications as diverse as Selling Power, Harvard Management Communication Letter, Health Industry Executive, Competitive Edge, Redbook, First For Women, Growing Companies, and by the Gannett News Service’s syndicated columns. June is also passionate about her Harley-Davidson named “Good Golly Ms Molly,” and Country Dancing.

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