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Two great humor coaches with drastically different approaches to humor will fight it out and you’re the winner!

It doesn’t matter if you are a business person, civic leader, experienced professional speaker or aspiring amateur speaker, there are times when your presentation needs a little help! The top pros in any profession have consultants or coaches to help them excel. Now you can have TWO… for less than the price of one!

– Develop essential communication skills
– Make your point with humor
– Address serious communications problems in a unique, fun and insightful way
– Recognize the crucial role humor plays in your presentations
– Build relationships from the platform
– Connect from the get-go
– Establish your credibility fast
– Change their brain chemistry when you make ’em laugh
– 21 Secrets to crystal clear humor
– Tips for talking more confidently and powerfully in meetings and negotiations
– Learn the answer to “Why Fayetteville?”

**June Cline, CSP,** delightfully sharp and witty, her humor has transformational power.
June Cline is humanizing organizations that want their people to “Lead, Laugh…Or Get Out of The Way!” She is a Certified Speaking Professional (a designation by the National Speakers Association) and Six Advisors Facilitator and Coach. June helps people, teams and companies name and tame the noise inside their heads.

**Steve Tyra’s** clean corporate humor will supply the variety necessary to “spice up” a good meeting or convention and make it even better. Since 1983 Steve has worked with a broad spectrum of public, non-profit, and private organizations. His results-producing programs use strong elements of humor to create an environment that fosters greater learning and retention.

Here’s what you get:

– Two full days of personal coaching, consulting, learning and fun
with June Cline, CSP and Steve Tyra

– Plus all educational materials including books and CDs

– Plus two days lodging including breakfast and lunch at the
historic White Horse B&B for only $575 per person.

– Special spouse/partner price and the local resident sleep on your own pillow discount!

Let June Cline and Steve Tyra guide you through the process of getting more funny in work, in presentations, and in life. This one-time opportunity takes place Oct 3-4, 209…

What clients are saying about us

> “You were the talk of the Conference! We laughed & learned about respect & having fun in our workplace. I wish every office could hear you. The world would be a better place.”

> Toyota Participant Evaluation

“Steve, the audience reaction to your closing talk at our program was overwhelming. Without a doubt you stole the show! Most speakers would find it difficult to follow that many other professionals on the program, especially professionals like Earl Nightingale and Glenna Salsbury, but your humor and professionalism made your talk the highlight of the evening!”

Joel H. Weldon CPAE
Joel H. Weldon & Associates, Inc.

> Meeting June is intense. Her listening is as clear and vast as the sky.. She’s quick, smart, clever, cute while profoundly deep. Totally professional, June’s commitment to impact others with her life is awe-inspiring. She has an incomparable delivery with impeccable timing. Delightfully sharp and witty, June’s humor has transformational power. There is no one better for your group or company. The fun is only exceeded by the enduring positive impact. You’ll have her back and send her to everyone you care about. Life will never be the same. June is regal joy in action. Bravo!”

> Kyle Winn
> Impact 2012

We just held a large 3‑day seminar event, attended by about 800 people, from throughout the United States and seven other countries.

Included in the event: my semi‑retirement party, featuring a comedy roast of me by a panel of clients and Members who’ve been with me for 10 to 20 years. Pulling off such a thing with people not necessarily accustomed to being funny on stage is no walk in the park. We turned to Steve Tyra, to help the roasters with their material, and to act as M‑C, host, and comedy contributor throughout the evening. He came through with flying colors. He prepared and delivered funny material funny, he was the glue holding the entire event together, and the result was a flawless, professional, hilarious evening, the high point of the entire conference.

I have been speaking professionally for over 25 years, including 9 years on the #1 public seminar tour in America, to audiences as large as 35,000, with other top speakers like Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, as well as former U.S. Presidents, sports and Hollywood celebrities. I’ve also held over 100 major conferences and hired top speakers, humorists, magicians, you‑name‑it. I am a good judge of talent. And I would tell you, you cannot do better in choosing a host/MC than Steve Tyra.

Dan Kennedy
President Kennedy Inner Circle, Inc.

> “I was a nervous wreck to bring in a humorist for our regional meeting. But you addressed our serious communications problems in a unique, fun, insightful way.
They still talk about that personality toy exchange! We will have you back!”

> Tammi Kimsey
> Construction Market Specialist
> Siemens

June and Steve both charge $250 for a single hour of consulting time. So why are we offering this super reduction in our fees? We know money is tight for many people right now so we decided to do something to help. Plus, it is an opportunity to build some new business in this area while having loads of fun! Just consider this our “humor based” economic stimulus program. (not to be confused with other stimulus programs that don’t work and cost billions)

[Get the Handout Here](http://junecline.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/steveandjune.pdf)


[See Steve’s website, learn about lodging, etc., Here](http://professional-humorist.com/new_page_5.htm)