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What would you say?

Bug Handout

Coffee Spill Handout

I used the above two pdf’s during our time together as primers for you to begin to create “planned spontaneity.”

For practical and FUN application of creating “prepared humor,” identify specific situation that can or do consistently come up in your office or work environment (or personal as well!). Get a team/group (more than one person because humor doesn’t happen in a vacuum) together to “play with” what could be some fun, not harsh or hurtful, responses (unless you’re dealing with the caustic comedic style). It’s all about being prepared.

Feel free to call me for input or to run something by me for specific or difficult situations. 480-634-7485.

A Penny for Your Thoughts that are Costing You Thousands!

Here is your FREE gift from me to help you better understand your own mind!

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Rank the 2 worksheets using a simple “drag and drop” process.
There are 18 items in each worksheet with typically takes 15-20 mins total time to complete both worksheets.

Listen to the audio to learn the thoughts that are supporting you and some…not so much!

A general group debrief will be scheduled for those who take the Intentional Creation Assessment.
Date, time or recording access will be provided.

Contact me if questions or difficulty connecting with or in taking the Intentional Creation Assessment.

Until we connect again, keep ’em laughing…
Laughter = Hope!
Hope = Power!

It was my honor to bring this information to you.

June Cline, CSP

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Let’s build and keep this LOL, “Leaders of Laughter” community going.
The world needs us.
“Lighten up, have fun, play more!” Enjoy!