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The ROI of LOL: Are You “Worth Every Penny?”


“Hi, I’m new in the area and I am looking for a full service Salon that does manicures and pedicures.” “We do that,” the phone voice replied. “How much are your pedicures,” I asked? “Forty dollars,” she said. “FORTY BUCKS,” I exclaimed, with marked question in my shock. “And, worth every penny,” the voice struck back with the precision of a snake bite. After a pregnant pause while visualizing the gold filigreed toes of a sphinx, “REALLY,” I huffed with a sassy, Southern attitude followed by, “Then I MUST experience one.”

Forty bucks? Well, it was Phoenix. Who knew a pedicure 1,953 miles from Kennesaw, GA would be double the price. Just one of the many minutia I failed to check out before my major move due to a life “do over” called divorce.

Sitting in her spa chair that day, I watched a master skilled in making people feel good. Her tool, the pedicure. My life was forever changed. Who knew Cassandra would become my first new best friends in Phoenix after my laugh out loud experience of her. Cassandra had a clear understanding of the ROI of LOL. She demonstrated what I call “Customer Service 1-0-FUN!” Click here for program details. Her return on investment was my repeated return to her business over the next nine years.

What value did she bring “worth every penny?”

First, confidence. Her bold, unabashed, non-apologetic statement gave me the impression that she obviously knew what she was doing. Her belief in herself that her skills and techniques were worth her price clearly had me at hello. Are you as sure as Cassandra of your expertise, offerings and value? If no, what will it take for you to be?

Cassandra also brought a personal perspective of the standards and quality she held for herself as an expert bringing services to the public. Her tools, surroundings, and ethics exemplified her perspective of pride, responsibility and accountability. How about you? Can you say the same for your personal perspective of your product, skills and service?

Finally, Cassandra created her own reality. While that sounds like she needs to be committed, the reality is, she already was committed–to us. She enrolled us in her energy of light, love and laughter. She institutionalized us like a pied piper to follow her where ever she went. We were committed to continue in her world of “Tuxedo Brownies,” genuine care, service and FUN! Cassandra’s world generated clients, no, friends that she has served for over 30 years.

Life called me to another major do-over. I decided to move back “home” to Kennesaw, GA, to the life, love and the same man I had left nine years ago. My last stop before leaving Phoenix was to be in Cassandra’s world one last time (for now). At the end of another amazing mani-pedi experience of light, love and laughter, Cassandra looked up and said, “that will be $40.00.” With tears in both our eyes, I replied, “And worth every penny.”

Are you and the products and the services you provide worth every penny?
It’s called “Customer Service 1-0-FUN!*”

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