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Claim Your Humor Style

What’s Your Sign…er, ‘uh…Style…Humor Style That Is..

  1. Download and print out the Humor Style Handout…
  2. Check all words in the quadrants that best describe your comedic tone when you initiate humor and laughter.
  3. Circle all words in the quadrants that best describe the comedic tone of a co-worker when they initiate humor and laughter.

Quadrant with the most checks indicates YOUR Humor Style.

Quadrant with the most circles indicates Co-worker’s Humor Style.

Humor Styles that are diagonally opposite each other pose the biggest threat to workplace harmony. Misunderstanding and offense are more likely here because of differing values and appreciations of humor. An irritated “I was ONLY kidding,” or “Can’t you take a joke,” can usually be traced back to diagonally opposite comedic styles. Unlike marriage, in humor, jokes and comedy…opposite do not attract!

So, is it sexual harassment or just varying comedic styles?

Typically, the courts decided.

However, IT IS YOUR responsibility to honor the three styles that are outside your quadrant by moving more toward the middle—particularly in the workplace. Until they know you are “just kidding,” or until you know that they can “take a joke,” it’s your move to the middle…to safer ground.

Otherwise, the punch line just might be on you…”See you in Court!” And, not as in Jester!

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