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ROI for executives

The ROI of LOL

Is there a real, tangible return on investment (ROI) of laughing
out loud (LOL) with colleagues, clients and those for whom you
care? June Cline’s Southern answer, “Are a pig’s assets pork?”

Twenty years ago, June stumbled on to the power of creating
laughter in business. June believes humor is the most over
looked, under utilized skill Leaders can develop to strengthen
careers, boost charisma and to increase cash flow.

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Customer Service 1-0-Fun

customer service 1-0-fun

“We have entered an era where merely being an

accessible human is a HUGE step in customer service.

Imagine adding a “titch” of charisma and fun enhancing the customer experience with quality, joy and laughter. 74% of customers surveyed said they would return repeatedly for this type of customer service.”

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Presentation Skills 1-0-FUN

presentation skills 1-0-funPresentation skills have never been more powerful or
important in our new nano-second, attention span of
a gnat world. Develop skills that will allow you to…

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