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Lighten Up! 5 Practical Techniques to Help You “Kick Some Happy Butt” in Your Personal and Professional World!

1. Decide!!! Decide to lighten up. Decide to be funny. Stop complaining, quit whinning. Just be you–
real, exaggerated, funny.

2. Study comedians.
(TV, Comedy Clubs, Open Mic Night). You don’t have to be one. Study their body language, topics & sentence structure.

Comedic Style/Culture:

Humor Style Handout

3. Ask! How is this funny Look for it. Find something funny.

4. Pretend how it could be funny. Make up what could have happened.

5. Blame something else; place, thing, animal. If it’s in no way funny–blame something.

6. Seek professional help. Both humor help and mental help, if you continue to blame others.

Resources & Solutions:

Free: 21 Humor Tips

Humor Me: American’s Funniest Humorist on the Power of Laughter
Is It God, Or Is It Gas? Intuition vs. Indigestion

Audio CD:
Leading the Way to Laughter and the Sheep are Happy

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